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Frequently Asked Questions


Monday – Friday 8am-5pm CST


Monday – Friday 8am-5pm CST

Do You Require Me To Sign A Contract?

No. We provide month-to-month service. In the event that you book recurring service with us at the discounted rate and cancel after your first service, you will be charged the full price of a one-time service.

Do You Carry Insurance For Damage?

Unfortunately breakage does happen occasionally, even with the most experienced and conscientious cleaning professionals. The independent provider (sweeple) is responsible for any damages caused by their work. They will work to resolve this with you directly.

What's Your Cancellation Policy?

We have a 24hr cancellation policy. Cancelling within the 24hr window of your booking may result in a cancellation fee. Taking vacation or sick? We will reschedule your booking for the next available day or cancel until your next scheduled visit. See our Terms of Service for details.

How Do I Pay?

We accept all major credit/debit cards including AMEX. You’re never charged until after your service is complete. 

Will I Get The Same Cleaner Each Visit?

You’ll be assigned the same cleaner each visit. However, if your provider takes vacation or is sick another provider will be assigned for that visit.

What Happens If My Sweeple Can't Make It?

Unfortunately, our sweeples aren’t superhuman and things do happen. In the event they have to cancel we do our best to send someone else on the next available day.

Do I Need To Be Home During My Cleaning?

No. Many of our customers aren’t home when we clean. We just ask that you provide us with entry instructions.

What Is Your Pet Policy?

As much as we love pets we ask that you please remove them from the area while your sweeple is there. You can put them in a room that doesn’t need cleaning, fenced yard or pet crate. This is to insure that your pet doesn’t get stepped on or frightened and that your sweeple can get the job done on time. 🙂

What If Something Is Missing From My Home?

If you think something is missing please start by retracing your steps. About 90% of the time, whatever is missing will be found within 24 hours. However, if it is not found or if the disappearance is obvious, call our office. Provide a complete description of what is missing and we will discuss the situation with the independent provider. Please keep in mind that we treat the accused as innocent during any investigation. If the independent provider denies any responsibility for the missing item it may be necessary for you to call local law enforcement authorities so the proper officials can investigate the situation.

Other Questions?

Give us a call at 1-855-SWEEPLE!


Sweeple currently serves the Birmingham Metro area including Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Homewood, Cahaba Heights, Mountain Brook, Riverchase and Inverness. We also serve the Huntsville Metro area including Madison, Harvest, Meridianville, down to Sockwell and Big Cove.